Transforming and Stabilizing School Communities

I provide a fresh pair of eyes and a solution-oriented approach towards meeting your cultural needs. I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and can assist you in the following areas. 

I Believe

I believe that everyone can and will learn given the appropriate environment and tools. I define learning as the ability to make interdisciplinary as well as self to content connections to an acquired concept.
I believe that learning should be fun, relevant, engaging, hands on, thought provoking, project –based, relevant, and applicable to life.
I believe that learning happens when participant is confident enough to experiment with new concepts in their lives, make mistakes, apply new strategies and is given the space to exchange their ideas with others.


Nicole is a veteran educator who takes great pride in creating learning organizations and positive staff and student cultures. Her bar of excellence guides her and is as high as I've ever experienced. What do I want my own children to experience when they are at school? She answers that through thoughtfully designed, impeccably delivered professional learning experiences for teams.

Andrea Zayas Founder of La Cima Charter School and National K12 Leader

Nicole is a dynamic school leader who consistently produces results. We worked together in the same school as Assistant Principals for several years. During this time, I’ve always found Nicole to be a key strategic thought partner. She is truly gifted at paying close attention to the ‘details’. During our tenures as principals serving in different schools, Nicole and I frequently collaborated to build cultures of excellence in our respective schools. When I began to assemble the founding team of South Shore Charter School, Nicole was one of the first professionals I recruited to join the board because I know the level of excellence she would bring to the team. During the application phase, Nicole not only served as a key strategic thought partner, she also played a key role in developing the school’s culture program. She provided a well thought out framework which served as the foundation of our school’s culture plan. I highly recommend Nicole for …… She has a proven track record of success.” Dermoth Mattison Founder & Executive Director of South Shore Charter School

Dermoth Mattison Founder & Executive Director of South Shore Charter School

Mrs. Nicole Blair-Barzey served as my direct coach when I first became a school leader. As a coach, Nicole always listens before she speaks and her feedback balances both honesty and compassion. Nicole is insightful and thinks creatively about problem-solving. She pushes leaders' thinking around their sets of data and keenly strategizes for improvement. She is calm under pressure and can lead others through making measurable gains. She is always non-judgmental in her approach. I would highly recommend Nicole to support your organization.

Janna Tsimprea Principal of Community Partnership Charter School

Every aspect of her teaching and leadership is innovative, to say the least; instruction, assessment, interaction, communication, documentation, administration, and classroom management are just some of her areas of expertise in teaching and administration. Nicole’s consistency, strong initiative, and dedication to the progression of students and fellow peers have made her an undeniable asset to the education community.

Michelle Turnbull Founder, Youth Development Specialist, Special Education Coach and Consultant